пятница, 15 апреля 2011 г.

A few word about jbilling - sux, sux sux.

Im pretty sure, that product can tell about self more, than i can tell about this shit. 95% classes from domain model and main services have not comments at all. But the rest have some ... Sure, this is defenetly case when better keep silence rather than comment something :) ROFL. So lets start

Two classes with name InvoiceLineDTO, both used! Perverted minds, is not it ?

    public InvoiceLineDTO(int id2, String description2, BigDecimal amount,
            BigDecimal price, BigDecimal quantity2, Integer deleted, ItemDTO item,
            Integer sourceUserId2, Integer isPercentage) {
        this.id = id2; //Wow ! 
//And Integer as flag - something crazy


     * Returns an order line with everything correctly
     * initialized. It does not call plug-ins to set the price
     * @param language
     * @param userId
     * @param entityId
     * @param currencyId
     * @param precision
     * @return
    public static void populateWithSimplePrice(Integer language, Integer userId,
            Integer entityId, Integer currencyId, Integer itemId, OrderLineDTO line, Integer precision) {

Constants for loosers:

public class BasicLineTotalTask extends PluggableTask implements OrderProcessingTask {

    private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(BasicLineTotalTask.class);

    public void doProcessing(OrderDTO order) throws TaskException {
        // calculations are done with 10 decimals. 
        // The final total is the rounded to 2 decimals.
        BigDecimal orderTotal = new BigDecimal("0.0000000000");
        BigDecimal taxPerTotal = new BigDecimal("0.0000000000");
        BigDecimal taxNonPerTotal = new BigDecimal("0.0000000000");
        BigDecimal nonTaxPerTotal = new BigDecimal("0.0000000000");
        BigDecimal nonTaxNonPerTotal = new BigDecimal("0.0000000000");

Hey !!! Jbilling devs - smudge yourself on the wall, make the world better.

And special note for people who can read this. - Никогда не пользуйтесь этим уебищным продуктом. Редкое гавно.